Holger Schulze-Ehring

Holger Schulze-Ehring has over twenty years of structural and architectural design experience, with a focus on long-span, lightweight and specialty structures. He founded Büro Ehring in 2016, after a long tenure at architecture and engineering firm Santiago Calatrava, and has continuously worked on landmark projects world-wide, including in the United States and Europe.

Mr. Schulze-Ehring’s expertise is in advanced engineering with a collaborative approach to design. He leverages his cross-disciplinary capabilities to deliver innovative and specialized solutions to complex architectural challenges for his award-winning projects. A strong technical and creative background forms his considerable proficiency in engineering and designing unique and inventive structures.

As a structural designer, he works with renowned architects and artists on landmark cultural buildings, transportation hubs, bridges, and public art projects. His signature work includes the Albright Knox Museum Expansion in Buffalo, NY; World Expo Milano 2015 China Pavilion in Milan, Italy; World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York, NY; Museu do Amanha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Denver International Airport extension in Denver, CO; Marina d’Arechi complex and vehicular cable-stay bridge in Salerno, Italy; BBC W1 Broadcasting House in London, England; and Spire of Hope, St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast, Ireland.

Mr. Schulze-Ehring has extensive experience in research work and was trained as a structural engineer and architect at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany. He has been appointed to the Bedford Endowed Chair Professorship at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2016, has been a Visiting Professor at the CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture, taught design of long span structures and bridges at the Manhattan College School of Engineering, has been a visiting lecturer at Cornell University, and a guest lecturer, critic, and juror at numerous national and international universities, including Columbia University, Princeton University, Yale University, Auckland University, and the University of Pennsylvania.